The Amazing Traveling Circus  Sideshow

Our Sideshow features acts of wonder, skill, and impossibility. Interactive games, comedy, magic, and illusions. Not all of which will be listed here but from here you can get a sense of what we have to offer. 


Miss Electra:

A staple in the Sideshow world. Rumored to have been struck by lightning twice on a sunny day. Miss Electra defys death in our electric chair for your viewing pleasure.


The Ladder Of Swords: 

In medieval days the ladder of swords was used to determine the guilt or innocence of a suspect accused of committing a crime. It is said that the specially honed blades would not lacerate the skin on the feet of the innocent.


Mr. Lifto:

A man of incredible ear fortitude. Able to lift heavy objects using the lobes of his ears. How does he do it? And, more importantly, WHY does he do it?



Straight Jacket Escape: 

Can our escape artist frees himself from the confines of a device now deemed to be "cruel and unusual" in under 2 minutes time? We're going to find out!



Grinder Girl:

Sparks fly as our burlesque grinder girl shows us all how she handles a power tool! Please notify us of any heart conditions you may have prior to requesting this performance.

The Bed Of Nails:

Pain for your pleasure. Our bed consists of over 500 nine inch spikes. We pit flesh against sharpened steel in several different demonstrations of human tolerance and pain resistance.  A feat worthy of the title "Death Defying".


Poi Fire Spinning: 

Developed by the Maori tribes Poi is an excercise in strength, skill and coordination. We put all those elements together and then set them on fire for a spectacular dance of lights.


Mr. Revolvo:

We're proud to introduce a man who can rotate his head 360 degrees without injury.  Our very own, Mr. Revolvo!





The Human Pincushion:

Do you like stapling paper? Ever wonder what it would be like to staple paper to someone's body? This is a fun and interactive way to let out some repressed aggression on a person who truely doesn't mind. In fact, he'll thank you for it later!


 The Human Ashtray:

Smoking is bad. Our performers will proudly demonstrate the truely disgusting nature of this terrible habit.


Fire Eaters:

See the magic of live fire manipulation. Performances are guaranteed to "turn up the heat" in any situation. Our performers are safe, well practiced, professionals. Don't try this at home!

 Mr. Expando:

Also known as the man with the growing and shrinking head. A sideshow oddity of a shapeshifting marvel. See him for yourself. Live!

 Sword Swallower:

See the ancient and death defying art of

Sword Swallowing!

Rubber Girl:

She's in there, twisted and contorted around more blades than you have fingers on both hands.  It seems impossible, but you get to see exactly how she does it!


Interactive Games:

We believe audience participation is a beautiful thing. Expecially when competition and seriously hillarious prizes are involved. We have dozens of games we play with our guests, some are sideshow classics, others are our own inventions. Watching or playing you're sure to be amused.


Cabinet of Curiosities:

Our show also offers a Cabinet of Curiosities filled with treasures gathered from around the world.  Medical wonders and bizarre artifacts line the inside with detailed descriptions of what they are and where they came from.



Again, This is just a taste of the treats we have in store. We run shows anywhere from 30 minutes to hours of non-stop entertainment depending on your preference. Each act is performed with music, comedy, and flair.  


We're versatile and will modify our show to accomodate any audience regardless of age. Just tell us whether you want the G or R rated version prior to booking and leave the rest to us.