The Amazing Traveling Circus  Sideshow


This page is a resource for Bar and Club owners interested in booking our show. It includes answers to many of the frequently asked questions regarding our public performances.


First off, on behalf of our show, we'd like to thank you for considering us for your venue.  Please read the information in the booking and contact section of our site for our basic requirements as well as the information on this page and feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


Requirements for public performances:

1. We make 100% of the door, our show price per head is also set by Danson to ensure fair payment to performers.

2. Travel and lodging expenses and arrangements are paid for by the venue. We are local to NJ but will travel just about anywhere provided our gas is paid for.

3. We do carry our own insurance and if you'd like our insurance company to fax over a form listing your venue as additionally insured that will not be a problem.

4. As with our private performances our public performances have certain requirements. We are performers, not bouncers, upon booking us you will be responsible for security regarding our performers and guests.

5. We advertise our shows to the best of our ability using social networking and other channels. We expect the same from the venue we perform in and recommend posting flyers local to the event. For out of state performances this is particularly important as we will be unable to do so ourselves.  If you need any custom design work for advertising materials we can help out in that department.

We want every show to have the best turn-out possible for everyone involved.

For more information contact:

Danson: 732 735 9420 or click the E-mail link below.