I want to start off by sincerely thanking everyone who came out to see our show last night. We had one of the best turn outs we ever had at Roxy 'n' Dukes and the energy we got back from you all was incredible! We really could not have asked for a better crowd and are truly blessed to have such supportive people in our lives. As a performer it's always (more than) a little scary to perform new acts for the first time in front of an audience. You hope the timing will be right, that the audience enjoys the act and that somehow it doesn't all come tumbling down into you lap in a big flaming ball of epic fail. We introduced a lot of new things this show and are very proud and glad to see them so well received. Karin Hein's sword ladder presentation was absolutely incredible and she brought the act to a whole other level, we are so proud to have her as one of our own. The grand opening of our Souvenir and Trinket emporium blew our expectations out of the water. I also have to thank Jessica Dinklocker and Gen Meow for their awesome performances throughout the night as well as their help behind the scenes in the months leading up to the show. Laura Allison Snearowski for her performance as well as for handling the sound all night and dealing with all of our last minute changes and additions with poise and grace, it is a high pressure and often thankless job doing sound for every act in a 4 hour show and we thank her from the bottom of our heart for not strangling any of us during or after the show. I want to thank Daniel Danson Hanson for bringing us all together and his countless hours spent creating new aesthetics as well as for allowing each of us the freedom to develop our own acts. The haunted house in particular was his baby, he worked really hard to have that effect ready for stage on time and it was a big risk for him to hand over the reigns on how it would be performed to Gen Meow and myself and I sincerely hope you all enjoyed the results as much as it seemed from the stage. I want to thank Jessica Müth for "bringing" my sister to the show, it was really awesome seeing her face on a video chat window while performing, and it was incredibly thoughtful. Wow, this post is getting insanely long and I have barely scratched the surface of people I owe thanks to. Jim Parks for having us back again. Darlene Davidson and Matt Chrystal for keeping our audience's food and drinks coming all night. My good buddy Cosmike who'll probably never even see this post but who made it so that so many people who didn't have rides could still make it out. Karin's lovely and awesome friend Jaimie (I hope I spelled it right) who stepped up to work both the door and the Souvenir and Trinket Emporium when we found ourselves short handed. Most of all I want to thank all of our wonderful friends and fans without which none of this would be possible, you all helped create this monster and we promise that as long as you keep showing up we will keep performing and growing the show so there will always be something new to experience alongside your favorite classic Sideshow acts. We love you all!