Hey folks, we recently started up a donation page on GoFundMe.

We've been in need of a better vehicle to transport our shows for some time now and we've finally caved and turned to desperate cyber begging!

Seriously though, we'd like to continue bringing our show to new audiences regardless of where they are and want to be able to commit to our distant bookings without apprehension. After all, we are The Amazing TRAVELING Circus Sideshow, and it's time that we lived up to that name and toured the U.S. bringing our brand of  entertainment and laughter to stages everywhere; not just the tri-state area.

If you want to help out there is now a direct link on the Donations page of our site that will take you to our GoFundMe Campaign. Every little bit helps out a lot but even if you can't make a donation at this time, please consider spreading the word for us so others can have the opportunity.

 We've gladly put all we've had into this show over the past 10 years. Built it from the ground up on meager resources to what it is today. If you like what you see than why not donate a few bucks? If we built all we have from nothing imagine what we could accomplish with just a little support from people like you.

Thank You For Your Support